The scavenger game can be played at any party, occasion or gathering. It is a fun activity that brings in a lot of excitement and builds relationships amongst people. It is a treasure hunting game where the players find things based on clues provided to them. Finding the first clue leads to the next clue and so on till the object being sought is found.


This game can be played by both adults and kids. For kids, it is more fun when played during special occasions like Christmas and Easter holidays. During Christmas, it can be used as a means to which the kids find their Christmas presents and on Easter it can be used to make egg hunting more fun. Some parents incorporate tasks like donating something or helping out in a particular activity to teach their kids virtues like helping others before they get the next clue. Adults play this game during Christmas or while hanging out at camps or parties or just chilling out in the house.


There are various types of scavenger hunt riddles. They include; the classic scavenger hunt, destination unknown, find the pieces, photo mystery, information, picture, people, sound, video and prearranged scavenger hunts. In the classic theme, participants are given a list of items bit common and hard to find that they need to present to the team within a particular period. Points are awarded based on the difficulty in finding them, and there are rules that forbid items purchase.


In destination unknown, clues lead to various locations where the clue to the next destination is hidden. The person who gets to the final destination first wins the game. With find the pieces theme, pieces of a jigsaw puzzle or machines and objects with multiple parts are hidden in the game area. The participants are then supposed to look for the pieces and assemble them. Information scavenger hunts prompts the players to seek details at various locations like restaurants, graveyards within a specified time. The team that collects the correct information within that time wins the game. For more info about riddle, visit


People scavenger hunt involves looking for people that the participants know or total strangers. They can be required to get autographs, business cards, photos, etc to prove that they found the people. Photo theme entails taking photos in specific situations or with certain objects. Meeting standards provided and creativity are the basis for awarding points for this topic. In the pre-arranged theme, objects are placed in the play area in advance.



Video scavenger hunt entails recording items like commercials, animal sounds and the like on a recording audio device. The first person to complete record the sounds on the list provided wins the game. In the video theme, participants are given a list of actions they must capture in the video. The treasure hunt involves clues to a destination with the treasure and the team that finds it first becomes the winner. Know about Christmas Scavenger Hunts here!